I'm a Mikkel Hansen an founder of the Order of Satan, professing Agnostiker and I belief at the good and the evil, the dark and the Light.

All the fight between the Left-Hand Path and the Right Hand Path it just makes me agree more with the philosophy set forth by Anton Szandor LaVey.  SATANISM is not a religion it is a true way of looking at life and respecting others who deserve it. If Satanic laws were in place instead of the present ones there wouldn't be so much bullshit in the world and a much more productive Planet.

LaVey´s SATANISM is a powerful philosophy that would return people to the right path. So I no need for all the political flags waving all over.


.....my Pentagram and Leviathan cross will be on my body and wall until death!

I'm a Part from Satan's Business... :-)

Hailz Satanas!!!