OoS Basics of Satanism

There is a wide variety in satanic cults and brooder hoods. The “Order Of Satan” does not belong to any of these. The Oos is represented through individuals. We do not believe in religions nor spiritual leaders. The following statements are written by different Authors, we do not own rights on these.

Satanism means:

  •  Joy with all senses but without addiction.
  •  Vitality.
  •  Wisdom instead of self-deception.
  • Kindness and love to those who deserves it.
  • Revenge to those who deserves it. Who sows the wind will reap storm.
  • Responsibility instead of care for mental vampires.
  • Men are animals amongst other animals. Through spiritual and intellectual development, most men are worse than animals.
  • Sins may lead to emotional, spiritual or physically fulfillment.


Satanic sins:

  • Stupidity
  •  Hubris
  •  Solipsism
  • Self-deception
  • affiliation to the herd
  • lack of perspective


Satanic Rules:

1.     Do not give your opinions unless someone asks you.
2.     Do not complain about your worries unless you are sure the other is willing to hear them.
3.     When you are in someone’s home, show respect to them or do not go there.
4.     When a guest bothers you, treat him without mercy.
5.     Do not start sexual advances unless you are given the signal to do so.
6.     Do not take things which do not belong to you unless it is a burden and the other wants to be redeemed.
7.     Do not complain about things which do not concern you.
8.     Do not harm children.
9.     Do not kill animals unless to self-defense or for food.
10.   Do not bother other people. If someone bothers you, tell him to stop. If he does not stop, show him that it would be better to do so.

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